Ok for this ‘I would be’ project.. Im thinking if I wasn’t an artist I would be… a librarian. I love libraries and books and also love organising paper work. Sad I know. I think at first I would love being a librarian but eventually get bored probably after I’ve read all the books! So I would be a librarian / perpetual day dreamer. Soo ideas for the actual art work.. me looking bored at a desk covered in books… day dreaming about random things.. I have a photograph of me looking bored so I will work from that. Not sure how Im going to work this yet, a full blown pencil portrait as usual or perhaps try to get some digital work done for a change? If I go with digital I think I will jump on Ye Olde laptop (also known as the brick) and get on it with Adobe Illustrator. I would love to do something different but I also think this could work in pencil.. choices, choices!

Anyway, this is the pic I will be working from:

Me bored.

Let me know which you think would look better? Pencil or illustrator?


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