Just a few things..


Ok just a few things to post about, first of all, I apologise for not blogging over the weekend, I have been busy traveling to see family with the little one.. By traveling you’d think I’ve gone abroad or something, but I mean just popping on a train once or twice, but its easier said than done, traveling alone with a 7month old baby :P. Soo here’s what’s been happening.. not much design/art based stuff unfortunately.

Well I went and had my hair cut short again! So much less agro! Looks alot nicer at the back, just gutted I had to pay out £31 to have it done :(. Here’s my new hair, keeping in mind I just got up so its not looking so pretty, just wanted to show the length. And yes that’s my son with those big baby blues!

Me and Jack

I also went to visit my Dad with the little one, wish I had a car so I could go see him more often, would be nice for the little one to see his grampa! That went well, was nice to see my big bro and little sisters, well I say little, Suzie (aged 13) is about an inch shorter than me?!

Also, I have been giving out CVs to anywhere in Bridgend that needs staff! I am in desperate need of some extra cash, I am saving for a car… paying for my driving lessons… and Christmas is only around the corner! So I really need to get my act together, also Ive been looking for a creche/playgroup for the little one so I can go to work if I get a job.. If anyone knows of one in the town center of Bridgend (like I said I cant drive yet) that they could recommend that would be brilliant.

Other news… twitter!

Yup, twitter has gone a bit… well nuts. I’m not really sure what is going on … some people are saying its been hacked others are saying its a prank. Pfft who knows.. but what I do know is that a flaw has been found in twitter where you can have a mouseover link to a third party site in your tweet. For now its probably safer to use twitter on your mobile or through Tweetdeck or something like that, anything but your browser. Just incase. Want more info? Here are some links relating to the whole twitter choas:

Link 1

Link 2


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