Creative Magazines


I personally love any art/fashion/design related magazines, if I had the money I would subscribe to them all! They are such a great source of information and inspiration. After reading one you always feel like picking up a pencil and giving it a go yourself! At the moment I only subscribe to one ‘Computer Arts’, I have been a subscriber for just over a year now, my first year was a gift subscription from my boyfriend and then when it was coming to the end of the year I panicked and re-subscribed myself as a little birthday treat 🙂 as I was now hooked on the magazine! Every now and then I would buy a one-off issue of other magazines such as Graphik or Creative Review. So as a reminder to myself I am going to create a list of creative magazines that I want to buy AT LEAST one issue of in the future.


Computer Arts

Computer Arts Projects

Digital Arts



Eye Magazine

Print magazine

Freestyle Magazine


Amelia’s Magazine

Sketchbook Magazine


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