Freelancers Of Interest.. Post One


Chloe Bruce

Paint the Moment

Twitter: paintthe_moment
Facebook page:!/pages/Paint-the-Moment/128196393892720?ref=mf

Write up:
Chloe Bruce is a close friend of mine that I met in University. Strangely we became closer once we both had left University, this I think was down to our similar interest in becoming a freelancer. Chloe created ‘Paint The Moment’ and I created ‘The sketchbook Artist’, trading tips and ideas as we went along. Chloe is very talented, creating a variety of work. From pencil sketches, paintings and custom designed tote bags to high quality photography and graphic design. She’s even great at making sock monkeys! Anyway.. here are a few samples showing the wide variety in her work.

I am also happy to say that I have done some collaboration work with Paint the Moment which is the first in a series of collaborations between us. This first Piece is called: Marilyn Monroe and Yellow Roses, which can be found up for sale here:


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