The Sketchbook Artist Competition


Ok soo its coming to the end of 2010, and we all know that come January we will have a million resolutions for the new year. Other than the usual; I must eat healthy, exercise more, get up earlier, blaaa blaa blaah! Well it’s not even January 1st yet and I already know what my resolution is! That is to not only be more inspired but to come out of my comfort zone, I’m constantly just running back to drawing in pencil, occasionally paint and very rarely pen. And so I set you the task of inspiring me OUT of my comfort zone!

What you need to do:

Create an A4 handmade self portrait using unusual materials, eg. paint in mud, draw in sand, use text? The world famous artist Antony Gormley has experimented with a number of materials including coffee, linseed oil and even blood. I’m not asking that you take it that far but you get the idea.

Or perhaps even drawing on a misted window?

Once you have created your entry please e-mail a high resolution image to with

In your e-mail please include:
What your entry is made of:

Once all of the entries are in and the deadline has passed I will then put it to the vote of the public for one week. There will be prizes given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place!

Here are the prizes:

1st place: free A4 portrait, mini sketchbook, a 50% off voucher for anything on The Sketchbook Artist, your work featured on the website for a month and in the blog + facebook page for life.

2nd place: 20cm x 20cm portrait, 25% off voucher, featured on facebook page and blog.

3rd place: 20cm x 20cm portrait, featured on facebook page and blog.

The Rules:
All entries must be sent to by 12:00pm Tuesday 1st February 2011.
All entries must be handmade, please no digital work. Photographs/scans of entries are as digital as we are going to get.
No use of pen, pencil or paint allowed.
Be creative, unusual and experiment with anything and everything!

Competition Deadline: 12:00pm 1st February.


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