Friday Feature… Tea And Crayons!



Tea & Crayons is an illustration collective, started in October 2010 by six like-minded and ambitious girls, all striving for a career in illustration! We’re from all corners of the UK, brought together by a shared desire to challenge ourselves and work together, sharing knowledge and creativity.

– Tea And Crayons

Ok so there is a brief statement of what Tea and Crayons is about, but who are they?! So here is the first feature on a Tea and Crayons member.. the first of many!

rachel clare price

Rachel (aka is an illustrator from Newcastle upon Tyne. Her work has an amazing day dream quality about them, what I mean by this is that her work is striking but delicate at the same time, the kind of thing you could stare at for hours due to the detail and effort put in behind it. She starts off most of her work in pencil, some stay that way others then have ink / watercolours added to add to the day dream quality even more. She has had her work featured in Oh Comely magazine in the format of a double page spread and also has been featured in Amelia’s Magazine. Here are a few of my favourites of her work:

Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for more features on members of Tea and Crayons, they really are a great group of talented illustrators.

P.S. You should check out her Etsy Shop, it has some amazing seasonal cards on sale aswell as some wonderful prints!



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