Publicity… for free?!


Well, if you didn’t already know Creative Boom have started a free online directory which I am in! :)!

Creative Boom is an online magazine designed to celebrate, inspire and support the creative industries throughout the UK and beyond.

It really is a great website full of free publicity for graduates, freelancers and artists. It is run completely on a voluntary basis by Katy Cowan who is passionate about helping businesses no matter how big or small they may be. It’s a great place for inspiration, publicity and networking!

So here is my page on the directory

I would like to thank Creative Boom, not only for adding me to their directory but for creating such an inspiring and useful website for the creatives out there.


Links for creative boom:

Subscribe | Twitter | Facebook | Flickr | Vimeo | Creative Boom



I have also noticed that my work has been featured on The Arts-Wales-Visual-Arts Daily:

And so I would like to thank them also!

The Arts Wales Visual Arts Links:

Twitter | The Daily


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