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So, a few weeks ago I entered a giveaway competition on the Pens and Doodles blog, to enter all you had to do was comment on the blog post saying which card design you like and why. Being as indecisive as I usually am, I just commented saying that I liked all 8 designs. And well I won one of the cards in the giveaway! I read a few days later that I was on the winners post so I just sent my contact details off and then I received this in the post:

This was a lovely surprise and I know exactly who I’ll be sending it to! But shh it’s a surprise!

Anyway, seeing as Fay’s Studio was nice enough to do a giveaway, I thought I would do a little write up about what Fay’s Studio is all about. So first off here is what it says on the site about Fay:

Fay’s Studio started out locally and went from strength to strength launching its first ranges of greeting cards at Progressive Greetings Live London on May 25-26th 2010.

Fay completed an Arts Foundation Course at The Falmouth College of Art and Design and then graduated at The Arts Institute at Bournemouth achieving a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Illustration.

The first year for Fay’s Studio has been non-stop and has been helped greatly by support received from The Prince’s Trust. Fay never could have imagined that she would one day see her quirky illustrations on the shelves next to her design idols, so for her she is really living the dream.

Fay’s Studio prides itself on being different. In a competitive industry Fay knows the importance of creating products that meet customer demands from the design to the materials that are used to produce them. Fay’s Studio is happy to be a little outlandish and will continue to bring new designs and products that stand out from the crowd.

Fay is also a Young Ambassador for The Prince’s Trust and will be attending events throughout the year to talk about her experiences of self-employment and running a business. For more information, details of these events will be posted on the blog.

Fay’s Links:

Twitter | Facebook | Fay’s Studio | Pens and Doodles


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