Ok so, around August time, I was browsing the web, looking for inspiration from my fellow creatives on twitter and I came across Rawtoastdesign’s blog and I was just blown away by the post.

Basically KOHL were splitting 10 million dollars between 20 schools giving them $500,000 each. This was all done through a voting system, Rawtoastdesign’s local school was entered but did not have much technical equipment and therefore didn’t get much of the online promotion. And so Rawtoastdesign decided to help by giving away his work for FREE to every person that voted for his school (East Side Community High School). And so I voted… the maximum of 5 times for this particular school. And then a few weeks later I received this in the post:

Over 400 people voted just through RTD’s online plea, unfortunately East Side Community School came 32nd in the list, not reaching the top 20 but was the highest voted for public school! Which is a great achievement as the private schools even raffled off iPads to the people that voted for them.


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P.s. here is a follow up on the voting : http://rawtoastdesign.blogspot.com/2010/11/did-kohls-ever-really-care.html


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