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Well it’s come round fast but 2011 is here! 2010 was a brilliant year for me, the birth of my first son Jack in February and I set up my own website and well this blog! And started selling my work for the first time ever! A great stepping stone to life! Also within this year I sorted out my debts and I can live 2011 + debt free! So like I said what a great start, so much potential!

Also for Christmas 2010 Santa was very generous and brought me a new desk, a new t.v and also (best of all) a Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen and Touch pad! Which you can see all together below. (Hopefully the desk will stay this tidy all year round!, Wishful thinking if you ask me)


And so as the new year begins so do the resolutions! And here is my list… posted to the world either to boast about or shame me at the end of 2011 depending on its completion.

  • Draw more often!
  • Expand my mediums in drawing, paint…. use the Wacom!
  • Eat healthier (never happens!)
  • Be more proactive
  • Use my sewing machine! (Had it for 4 years and used it once?)
  • Do some great collaborations! (Already have 2 lined up!)
  • Try to be more positive about things in general
  • Don’t take non-payment too personally (major downfall in 2010, mainly in confidence)

There are more but we could be here all day, but those are the main ones I want to stick to as I think they are the most important! If I’m honest I’ll be quite happy if I achieve even one as I’m terrible at keeping New Year Resolutions… January I have all the right intentions but come February/March I get lazy and they all go out the window. So one last important point:

  • Keep my new years resolutions!

Maybe that will work?!

Also remember if your new years resolution is to be more creative or productive have a look at my competition to get you working in the new year:


or find it here:



Well that’s all for now, 2010 was a brilliant year for me and I hope 2011 will be even better!

Hope you all had a great Christmas and New year!

The Sketchbook Artist


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