Friday Feature.. Introducing Abby Wright.


And so this is the wonderful work of the very talented illustrator Abby Wright. Here’s a little background knowledge; she currently lives in Yorkshire and is an illustration student. However she is not your average student, I know this from my experience at University. By this I mean, she’s self motivated and does projects other than her University work which is a vital part if you want to be in the industry if you ask me. Yes you can do the work and get the degree and get the job, but you’re far more likely to get the job if you’ve got that passion behind it! Which is clearly visible in Abby’s illustrations and even though I haven’t seen the other students work, I bet her work stands out!

Looking through her work I see that Abby has a great understanding of composition and a great colour palette but what I think is her ‘signature style’ is the use of negative and positive space. It’s almost as if her work looks… unfinished? She created the outline and colours certain parts to highlight the main features, usually the clothes and lips, sometimes the eyes. I think it’s this detail that make the images so personal and so intriguing. Not ony does she have a way with lines and colours but also textures.. which in fashion illustration is a major issue! What’s the point in drawing clothes if they don’t look like fabric? It’s the texture and highlighting of the fabrics that make the clothes stand out, and realistic, and Abby has I think mastered this which is a brilliant achievement before even finishing studying illustration as a student. For example look at the textures in the selected images, the detail on the jewelry, the ruffles on the dress, the shading and highlights on the red jacket, the texture on the cuff of the sleeve… I could go on all day. It’s the small details like this that make it work.

This was noticed by a well-known fashion blog Amelia’s Magazine as not only has she has her work featured on the site but also she was chosen to have her work published in Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration which is currently on sale here. The first image on this blog post was created for the book it was of Fifi bijoux jewelry, which is just an example of the standard set for Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration, you should really check it out!

Well I think that’s enough about her work for now. Abby as a person is just as wonderful and delightful as her illustrations, I met her through twitter and I love reading her blog and finding out about her cat obsession. She’s just a nice person to chat to about life or work or anything really.

I almost forgot to mention that Abby is a part of the lovely Tea and Crayons gang, which I have mentioned in a previous blog post about Rachel Clare Price (which you can find here.)

This is just a small sample of her work, if you would like to see more, look at the links below.

Twitter | Blog | Portfolio | Tea and Crayons


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