Secret Valentines….


Ok so the last few weeks you may have seen me posting about Alicia Rose’s Secret Valentines project. Basically it’s the same as secret santa just it’s for Valentines Day instead.. aww how sweet!

I have sent my Valentine and I know it has been received and so I can post this.

Step One:

First of all I jotted down some ideas of what I wanted to make, what I had time to make and also how much time I had to make something decent! Then I started looking through all of my bits and bobs for materials to use to create my Secret Valentine. I decided that my three main colours were going to be, black, white and hot pink! Lovely for valentines I thought. So here is a pic of all the materials I used for my Secret Valentine:

Step Two:

Make something! Ok so the first thing I made was the tag. Just a coloured pencil, a fine liner and some doodles were needed for this. I tried to make it look a bit like how I used to draw on my school books, make it look as though the hearts were floating away. Anyways I decided to do a tag because I thought it’s always nice to have some effort put into the packaging.

Step Three:

Then I made the “All You Need Is… LOVE” painting, I quite enjoyed this as it is completely opposite to what I usually draw. For this I used water-colour pencils, fine liner and a gel pen. I used a water-colour pencil as I haven’t quite got the confidence to use real paint yet… sounds sad but paint scares me. So I guessed water-colour pencils are as close as I’m going to get. It didn’t take me long to create this and I think I might try to create this kind of style again, it was fun to do and relaxing. I find drawing portraits quite stressful as there is so much pressure to make it look like the person you’re drawing so it was nice to do some carefree work. Obviously I wanted it to look good but there wasn’t that stress behind it. That’s enough blabbing for now here’s what it turned out like:

Step Four:

The card! How would it be a valentine without a card?! And so the crafting begins! I’ve made cards before for Saint David’s Day and well I loved it! So I thought about this Valentines card long and hard. I looked at my materials and saw hot pink crepe paper so I knew I had to get that on it somehow and so the thought of layering began. I think handmade cards are so much nicer than the ones designed and printed, they are just more personal, or perhaps that’s just me? So I thought I would write Valentine on the front but pay attention to each letter. I started drawing grids to get the lettering all the same then I noticed that it actually looked quite good with the grid left on and so that’s what I did! Add in a glue gun, some card and crepe paper and Voila!

Step Five:

Let them know who I am! Ok so in the box I threw in a few business cards, a flyer and some minicards so they know who I am and what I do 🙂 Then so it doesn’t look too boring I thought I would make some confetti out of some crepe paper that I had. I decided to use hot pink and baby pink for the confetti and I think it worked really well. I also threw in an incense holder and some lovely smelling incense and another card that I doodled, that I don’t feel is worthy of photographing, (only threw it in because my boyfriend stopped me from throwing it out). Now I just have to wait for my Valentine to arrive in the post! :)!


P.s. None of this would have happened without the lovely and creative Alicia Rose, feel free to check out her website.


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