Friday Feature… Introducing Dee Andrews!


The work you see here belongs to the very talented fashion illustrator Danielle Andrews, more commonly know as Dee Andrews. Before I dive into her world of illustrations, I will give you a little background info. She is currently studying Fashion Illustration (BA Honors) at LCF in her third year. She has also studied Fine Art which I think plays a part in her illustrations and her techniques. You might have seen some of her drawings already as she has illustrated for the two well-known magazines ‘Amelia’s Magazine‘ and ‘Sketchbook Magazine

Just like Abby Wright my previous Friday feature, Dee is not your average student. She is very self motivated, which I feel is vital if you want to go far in this industry! You can see this by her work outside of her University work. She runs her own blog, which she updates regularly, with interesting content. She also illustrates for magazines by submitting her drawings that she’s done in her own spare time. She’s recently done a giveaway with a load of goodies which she has made. Of which 69 people entered, me included! Not only does she do all this but she is networking with other people in similar creative fields which will help her in the long run! As networking is a major part of getting your work seen. Perfect example, I met Dee through twitter, and I am now featuring her work for the world to see. Word of mouth is the best free publicity anyone can get.

Looking through her portfolio (via her website) I can see a variety of work, but definitely a signature style. Dee manages to produce detailed drawings without being too precise. Every piece she creates you can feel the passion behind it. I love the way she manages to show the flow of fabrics, the creases and waves they create. Another thing that I think stands out in Dee’s illustrations are the details on the people, she uses a minimal amount of shading to create a wonderful effect. Personally as an artist, I tend to ‘over-shade’ and I often find myself going back over my portraits with a rubber, trying to lighten them up. Looking closely at Dee’s drawings her shading tends to be just that little bit that’s needed. Just that little bit of shadow to show the cheek bone and around the eyes to make them pop.

I absolutely love Dee’s series of cards that she made consisting of legs, with different shoes and socks. I have no idea why I like them so much because as it happens I have a strange hate for feet, I can’t stand looking at them and just the thought of someone touching my feet… urrghhh.. moving on. These cards are lovely for the winter time as they all feature different socks/tights/boots, they have a nice and warm feeling to them.

If you like what you see, you should check out the links below or follow her on twitter, because not only is she very talented, she’s great to have a natter with too!

Twitter | Blog | Website


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