Valentines.. Is Not Just Another Day.


Whilst Valentines day might just be another day to some people.. it is special to me as it’s my birthday. The good thing about this is that I get some kind of card every year without fail and I don’t look sad if it’s off my mum! Anyway, from now on you can expect higher quality photographs as I was very lucky to get a 12megapixel Olympus camera for my birthday! YAY! Finally! I can take decent photographs of my drawings! Well at least now I can’t blame terrible photographs on the camera aye? So over the next few days expect a few blog posts with updates and better quality pics of previous drawings. Oh I must also add that the previous portrait I uploaded, the one for my mum… has been damaged :(! Somehow.. my mum has managed to get water on it. It’s not terrible but I have a feeling I’m going to have to re-do it. Urgh something always happens to my favourite portraits. Ahh well, things happen. I’m kind of rambling now.. so I’ll just leave you with.. WATCH THIS SPACE! (for nifty photographs in particular!)

P.S. It was lovely to wake up on my birthday and see my work featured in Burst Magazine, it really made my day! You can download the ‘LOVE’ issue here.


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