When Your Passion Becomes a Job…


So you’ve finally done it! You’ve quit your nine to five job, become a full-time Artist. A freelancer; your own boss! Perfect?! Not quite.

Where as before you chose to draw or illustrate, now choice has been taken out of the equation. Now there’s no clocking in? Great! Other than there’s also no clocking off. Even if you’re not designing, you’re advertising, publicizing, updating, networking, planning, budgeting; the list goes on. Even when you’re not doing these things, you’re thinking about doing them. Don’t get me wrong it’s not all bad freelancing. There’s a freedom in it that you can’t get from any other job, and if you work from home, you can do it in your PJ’s.

There are pro’s and con’s to the job, just like any other. For example, people’s views on your job, and trust me everyone will suddenly have an opinion your new job. It shouldn’t matter what they think, but it does. On the one hand you have the people that encourage you and are even proud of your initiative to start your own business. These people are great to be around, especially if you feel like giving up. It makes you feel like you and the work that you do is appreciated and it gives you that push to keep going. Then you have the not-so-nice people. An easy way to spot a negative person is if they come out with one of these classic lines: “When are you going to get a real job?”, “You’ll never make any money doing that” or “I might do a few doodles and call myself an Artist if that’s what you’re charging.” Some people will say it as bluntly as that though most will be more subtle and will be thinking along those lines. What is most surprising  is that more likely than not the people with the negative views aren’t strangers. They are usually either family or friends. Please keep in mind that most people will be supportive. In my experience so far, the good weigh out the bad on all aspects of freelancing. Just go into it with a realistic view, it might not be the perfect job but it’s what you make it.


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