The Three Day Challenge


Ok so you may or may not have noticed my online absence for the last three days. I have not dropped off the face of the earth, I have been… offline. I recently had a conversation with my boyfriend about my ‘facebook’ habit. Ok so I like to check my facebook/twitter/hotmail/deviantart/etsy a few hundred times a day, so what?! That doesn’t mean I’m addicted! Does it? Well, yes is the answer I had from my loving boyfriend, and so the challenge began. He challenged me to stay off my precious MacBook for 3 whole days! I thought this was pretty one-way and so in return he was banned from his Xbox for 3 days, whoever brakes first has to buy the takeaway on the weekend, seems simple but we are both pretty stubborn. If we both succeed we’ll pay half each. I shall keep you up to date on how I found going cold turkey.

(P.s. Incase you’re wondering I am writing this AFTER the challenge, as a distraction I wrote down my blog posts ready in my notepad.)


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