Three Day Challenge… Day 1.


Ok so it’s the end of day one and I haven’t touched my mac! Woohoo go me! But… sooo many times I had to stop myself from switching it on, purely out of habit. Luckily I remembered the ban just before I picked it up each time. What I have found since being ‘offline’ is that I’m already bored. Don’t get me wrong I love playing with my one-year-old son but I also like adult conversation. There’s only so much conversation you can get out of my son and his vocabulary which consists of ‘Yeah’, ‘baa’, ‘nom nom’ and the occasional ‘mam’, ‘dad’ or ‘nan’.

I would chat away to my boyfriend but he’s mega busy on his dissertation right now. So, so far I miss conversation, mainly with my little twitter family. Tomorrow I think I will focus on more ‘drawing time’ or perhaps use it as a chance to start reading again.

P.s. My boyfriend has not touched his Xbox… yet!


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