Three Day Challenge… Day 2.


I have been up since 7.30 and it’s been nearly 2 hours and I am already itching o check my e-mail. I am going to get dressed and take my son into town and maybe to the park if the weather stays nice. I’m in a desperate need of a distraction. I know what you’re thinking; pathetic! I know because I’m thinking it too.

I have been to town, bought a load of stuff way to heavy for me to carry up the massive hill I live on but I did it! Didn’t end up going to the park as I was just too tired. I didn’t even think about my mac whilst I was out and busy. So moral of the story.. I need to find things to keep me busy rather than checking my laptop as a time filler. Preferably I need to find something that is free to do, otherwise at this rate I’m going to be broke within a week. I would draw but it’s a bit hard when Jack wants to help you! So I need to find something that I can do with my son preferably.

By 10.30pm both me and my boyfriend were in bed ready to go to sleep as neither of us knew what to do with ourselves. When did we become an old married couple?! Well that’s all for today I shall let you know how day 3 goes.


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