Sorry.. very busy bee.


Sorry I must apologize for the lack of activity recently on my blog/site and anything arty. I am in the process of relocating, well I’m actually still at the house hunting part really. Hopefully if all goes according to plan I will be in Gloucester in a house of some kind.

Gloucester CathedralSo far things have not really gone…’according to plan’. Right now is really hectic for me and my boyfriend, he’s still doing his dissertation and he starts his new job… in Gloucester… in a month. So after looking online for a few properties to rent we decided to take a one-day trip to Gloucester to view them all and then decide which one we’d like to live in. Bish, bash, bosh, yes?! Apparently not.

First off, we couldn’t get viewings for most of the places we saw online. After ringing around what seemed to be a million estate agents, we managed to get four viewings for that day. Two flats, one maisonette and a house. So I thought not too bad it’s a variety of places we can see and at least we get to see Gloucester in general as neither of us had been there before.

It took an hour and a half to get there by train. We got into the centre of Gloucester and I love it! It’s just the right mix of old and new. It has your usual shopping stores (Primark, H & M, Game, Claire’s Accessories etc.) and then it has this amazing Cathedral as you can see to the left! It’s really beautiful, there’s no other way to explain it. I really can’t wait to move here, it’s going to be the next chapter, it’s all very exciting.

Anyways, we viewed 3 out of the 4 as the estate agent said that one was in a pretty rough area and wasn’t really suitable for a young family, which I thought was nice of him. The first flat we saw was amazing! It was lovely, nice area, quiet, close to town, the rooms were massive! And we both agreed that’s the one! So even before we’d left Gloucester, I gave the estate agent a ring and said we’ll take it. Unfortunately, the next day I had a phone call from the same estate agent saying that the owner had changed his mind and didn’t want a child to be living in the flat as most of the residents were retired. I was devastated, I had fallen head over heels for this place and I had just paid £250 to take it off the market.

So a new hunt has begun. This time I’m going to Gloucester with my mum to view places as Will needs to concentrate on his dissertation. I have found a few that look promising but there is one that I love (looking at it online), hopefully I won’t get my heart broken again.

P.s. Any tips for keeping a 1-year-old occupied for 2 hours on a train?!… God help me.


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