Stuck In a Rut…


I constantly find myself in a work rut. I know I have drawings to do but I will do everything possible to avoid doing them; the dishes, sorting out my DVDs and worst of all social networking sites. And there it is… the same old rut. This isn’t a good thing when you are trying to start a successful business. Laziness and procrastination rear their ugly heads and that’s your business you are watching slowly going down the drain. Unfortunately I have no magic cure for this (hence why I am writing this blog post) but I do have a few tips that sometimes help me get motivated.

  1. Write a list! I love writing lists (a little too much if you ask me) Get ALL of your ideas down on paper, I mean EVERYTHING! That way when you’re trying to focus you won’t be so distracted. Just make sure your new rut doesn’t become writing lists as it can be strangely addictive.
  2. Mix it up a little. You’re avoiding doing something A.K.A you are obviously bored of whatever you were doing. Take a break, read a book or go for a walk. Books are great sources of inspiration, and yes magazines count! Some of those perfume adverts are beautiful! Feel guilty about taking some time off to read? Consider it as research! Let’s face it, it’s a lot more productive than refreshing your facebook page continuously for an hour or re-arranging your DVDs in alphabetical order (and yes I have done that before..)
  3. Force yourself to draw something… ANYTHING. Even if it’s just a doodle because once you’ve started you’ve already done the hardest part, you’ve beaten that horrifying blank page!
  4. Do something outside your comfort zone. If you usually work quite neat, try something messy like paint or charcoal. There are two possible outcomes to this. You’ll either enjoy the experimenting and feel inspired or you’ll absolutely hate it and welcome back your old style with open arms.
  5. Set goals on a calendar, make deadlines within deadlines. Remember, you are now your own boss, so the only person to push you to that deadline is YOU. Do you feel like you only do well under pressure? Well if you have constant deadlines, then you’re constantly under pressure. This only works for some people as not everyone does well under pressure.
  6. Get some Vitamin D, soak up that sunshine! A change of scenery should help light a spark in you. Let’s face it those four walls in your studio/office/bedroom aren’t doing the trick are they?

These are just a few things I find that help, they don’t always work but they are definitely worth a try. I would love to hear other tips people have come up with. At the end of the day I think it all comes down to how much you want to succeed. If you haven’t got the passion for it, then what’s the point?


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