Three Day Challenge… Day 3.


I wake up to “Ma ma ma ma…” which translated means ‘I’m hungry, it’s time for breakfast’. And so I get up, take Jack downstairs and start the usual routine, of toast and milk. Then I hear it! The buzzing of the fan in Will’s Xbox! He’s on the Xbox! He’s lost! Haha victory is mine! Though not long after hearing this I also gave in to temptation and check my e-mails. So I suppose technically neither of us lasted the three whole days but at least I beat him.

Seriously though, one thing I have learnt from all of this is that I don’t need my mac or the internet as much as I thought and sometimes it’s just nice to get back to reality and log off.

P.s. I thought I had scheduled for this post to be published a while ago and I hadn’t.. sorry for the delay.


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