We’ve Done It… We’ve Flown the Nest.


As you’ve probably noticed by my previous posts, my little family finally has its own place to call home. The last few weeks have not run smoothly at all, nearly everything we had to organize has had complications. From actually getting somewhere to live, to setting up the internet, to messed up bank accounts. As they say though, things happen for a reason and I think we now have a base for a great family home. I won’t bore you with the details of things that went wrong but let’s just say it was a mixture of me being naive and that there are some dodgy landlords out there but luckily (fingers crossed) we now seem to have a keeper!

So my little family now live in a very spacious, ground floor flat that is very close to the town centre and all the local bus routes. It’s a pretty old listed building that I’m pretty sure used to be a part of the hospital. It’s early days yet and there are plenty of learning curves as in what to expect on electricity bills and what not but I guess that’s all a part of being more grown up and independent. Here are a few photo’s of the place so far… keeping in mind it’s pretty bare at the minute, but we are planning on purchasing more furniture little by little, month by month.

P.s. My boyfriend would hate me for saying this but… I would also like to mention that I am EXTREMELY proud of Will who managed to get a 2:1 in his degree, which I think is AMAZING! He’s also started at his new job and so far so good in that department.


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