Collaboration Is A Wonderful Thing.


Have you ever felt stuck? In your own style and comfort zone? I constantly get this and it’s so frustrating, I think it’s one of the downfalls of working alone at your desk at home. You see the same four walls everyday and it gets so uninspiring. Even with prints of amazing artwork covering your walls it’s still the same images everyday (thank god for pinterest!). So if you are feeling smothered by your own company I have a suggestion: COLLABORATE!

Go on to twitter find all those inspiring people and just ask! It can’t hurt! The style of their work doesn’t really matter. If their work is similar to your own then they can expand your work. If their style is completely different to yours, it can get you out of the comfort zone you’ve cornered yourself into. Also you don’t even have to collaborate with just one person, it can be as many as you like! Keep in mind that you will be doing this in your own spare time around your normal work so take it slow. I’m currently working on collaborations with three different people. Each of their style of work is completely different and it is so inspiring to see what people could add to your artwork! Also after having a little conversation with other people about art and design is refreshing. To bounce ideas off each other is such a motivation because lets face it if you only ‘bounce’ your ideas off that brick wall opposite your desk you are not going to get much done are you?!

So in case you are wondering and so you can really see the difference in their style of work, I will tell you who I am collaborating with over the next few months;

Chloe Bruce (Paint The Moment)

We have already started our collaboration with a portrait of Marylin Monroe with yellow roses, the original is currently up for sale on my Etsy. This is the first in a series of portraits. We have decided to draw iconic women throughout the decades. We have more in line such as Twiggy, Blondie, Madonna… ect.

D’Andhra Bascomb (DE’BA Designs)

We are currently in the middle of our collaboration for a one-off piece. Tweaks to my half of the collaboration needs to be done and then D’Andhra can work her magic. Here is the work so far:

Rosanna Geissler (Rosanna Geissler)

We are currently in the very early stages of our collaboration in the talks of a mini-series of fashion related work. I’m really looking forward to see the outcome of these as I’ve always wanted to try my hand at some fashion illustration but have always felt stunted by the amount of talent out there in this field. I don’t currently have any imagery to show you yet as I said we are still in the early stages but watch this space it’s going to be amazing!

So the moral of the story is, if you feel frustrated/stunted or feel like giving up, talk to someone! Get collaborating and learn to love the work you do again. Another point I’d like to make is that these collaborations are just a form of experimenting, there’s no pressure so just have fun!


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