All In a Days Work…


So, yesterday I had the flat to myself for the whole day. This might be a normal occurrence for you but it is definitely not for me, we’ve lived here 3 months now and this is the first time I’ve ever had time to myself in the flat. It was strange not having the little one around, especially as I automatically think he’s in bed if I can’t see him. So I spent most of the day doing everything super quiet to not wake him, only to realize minutes later that he’s not there. I did this so many times actually it was getting a bit ridiculous.

So I saw this as an opportunity to get some work done, I got up at 8.30 (an hour later than I wanted but my stupid Blackberry’s alarm didn’t go off) and set to work. It started off slow as it always does, so I thought I’d start with the more admin work than the actual drawing part as staring at that blank page first thing in the morning was a bit daunting. I was very organized and even made a timetable for the day. I’m happy to say I pretty much ticked off everything on my to – do list, only one thing I didn’t tick off and that was because previous tasks took longer than I expected.

So first thing I sorted out my e-mails, sent out replies, showcases and submissions. (YAY first things ticked off my list!). Then I sorted out a little package for Ballad Of… as I said I would send them some stuff to go in their goody bags.

Wooh! Another thing off my list! O.k. moving on… Now I decided was time to get my hands dirty and well I created my submission to Burst Magazine’s Christmas postcards. I decided to do something a little different so I decided to paint my submission rather than draw it in pencil.. shocking I know! Only problem is, I’m never happy with what I paint as I have so much less control with a paintbrush than I do with a pencil. Here’s my submission: (although I think I might create another one, pencil drawn)

Then I decided to bite the bullet and finish my Kate Moss portrait (that I’d previously posted about here), I had been avoiding it all morning. I get like this when I’m pleased with a drawing so far. I’m always worried that I will spoil it. It took me longer than expected to finish, as I thought I only have the lips left to do, it shouldn’t take me that long. Well it did as I reworked some of the hair, shading and the hand also. So it took another 3 hours. When I first set out to draw this image I always intended of painting the lips bright red so there would be a pop of colour but once I had done the pencil work, that ‘fear’ came over me again. So I wimped out and coloured them digitally which I think turned out pretty well!

Once I had seen the coloured version I then realized that My previous drawing of Eric Cantona, would look amazing digitally coloured as football is all about team colours! So here’s the before and after of that too:

And then to finish the day off I finally updated my Society6! I’d had it for over a year and not posted anything on it, you can check that out by clicking here.

So all in all it was a good day! I wish I could have squeezed in more but I’m glad I didn’t because then everything would have been rushed. It’s good to know that I can be productive if I have the time. Just need to get used to finding that time as much as possible. Also after a productive day I got a possible commission so it really is worth it to push that bit harder.

P.s. You can  the original Kate Moss Drawing on my Etsy.


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