Trying to Stay Afloat..


Every freelancer has this at some point! I feel like I’m struggling to go uphill on a bicycle only to find out that I’m only in first gear. I get bursts of energy to create work and I feel great afterwards and I get a few small commissions which is great, then that feeling quickly disappears as I have next to zero sales in my shops. I actually have ZERO sales in my Etsy shop! I am determined to change this fact! I have been on the community boards on Etsy and have asked for some advice and I had a great response off some lovely people.

One of the tips I knew was going to be said is: FILL YOUR SHOP! What helped along this advice was why! I often think it’s just because statistically you are more likely to get shop views if you have more items to view. What someone also said to me which for some strange reason has never occured to me is that if someone does come across my shop and they love my drawing style.. but perhaps not the people I’ve drawn? For example my most recent drawing of Kate Moss, yes it’s a good drawing, but Kate Moss is not everyone’s cup of tea?! And so this is where I come to you for a little help.

What would you like to see me draw? Who would you like to see me draw? Please suggest some things as I am feeling a little stuck. If I chose your idea to draw I will even send you a free print of that drawing! So please comment below with some suggestions or let me know via twitter/facebook or e-mail!


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  1. What about drawing from life models? Personally I found that my drawings always have more energy to them when the subject is in front of me, rather than on a page.

    Or if you are in a creative rut then you could do something different completely, like a looser painting style or a craft, or a change of subject matter?

    Basically, if it feels like a struggle to do it then stop doing it.

    Sometimes we just need to step back from our work to let the creativity seep back in.

    If it starts becoming more about the money than what you’re creating then it’s probably time to think of other ways to get paid.

  2. I have drawn life models before, I hated it at first as it was mandatory on my foundation course but loved it towards the end. I have found a pretty cheap life drawing class in Cardiff that I was thinking of going to. It’s a great way to practice your technical drawing skills, especially proportion.

    Though it’s not so much looking for inspiration, it’s more looking for more commercial things? I love drawing.. and there’s certain things I love drawing (which I will continue to draw) but I need to draw more things that are likely to sell.. just to get my stuff seen. For example .. perhaps I love drawing teapots but no-one else likes teapots so they wouldn’t sell… hard to make a living off thin air.

    So what I want to do is continue drawing what I like.. to let my passion grow, but also draw things likely to get me sales.

  3. May I Suggest you Draw the Late Great Legend That was Bob Marley,
    I feel personally that there was, Is something Magical surrounding his whole persona.
    There are Numerous images of the great man but very few Drawings Sketches that capture and express the magical look about him, I feel with your Talent you could take on the challenge and push your artistic talent and bring some Magic back.

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