What a wonderful, stressful time of year!


As we all know Christmas is fast approaching and just around the corner from that is the New Year. It’s a wonderful time of year and that’s why we go through the stress of it every year. Thinking about the year coming to an end I remembered that last year I wrote a blog post of my resolutions for the year ahead (you can see the post here). I just thought I would have a look and see what I’ve actually achieved/failed at. So here’s the snippet from last year:


“And so as the new year begins so do the resolutions! And here is my list… posted to the world either to boast about or shame me at the end of 2011 depending on its completion.”

  • Draw more often!
  • Expand my mediums in drawing, paint…. use the Wacom!
  • Eat healthier (never happens!)
  • Be more proactive
  • Use my sewing machine! (Had it for 4 years and used it once?)
  • Do some great collaborations! (Already have 2 lined up!)
  • Try to be more positive about things in general
  • Don’t take non-payment too personally (major downfall in 2010, mainly in confidence)

Overall I am pretty happy with the results, though I really do need to be more proactive.. I really am so lazy! Also there’s still a few weeks left to the year so I can try to finish off my list by then? I will without a doubt create a new resolutions post when the time comes.. hopefully next time I would have crossed everything off my list!


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  1. Cool post and blog! I have a huge list of stuff I have planned for 2012. Be more positive, be outdoors more, take up another hobby. It’s quite an exhausting list, but I feel I am up for the challenge. Cheers!

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