New Magazine on the block…


As a creative person, motivation and inspiration sometimes take a while to show their face! So to help get ‘In the zone’ so to speak we often find ourselves flicking through magazines. Searching for that artistic spark! I’ve listed a few of my favourite magazines in a previous post such as Computer Arts, Print Magazine and Grafik just to name a few, but since then new magazines have launched and I am here to tell you about one in particular that I think is going to really going to be a creatives essential!

The magazine I’m talking about is Lionheart Magazine!

Even the story behind the magazine is inspirational! A lovely writer (Helen Martin) had a dream to have her own magazine in print, with the current state of the economy a lot of people must have thought she was crazy, another dreamer. Helen stuck to her guns and with what seems like a mixture of pure ambition and passion, she made the dream a reality. The first issue was designed and made into print and I can honestly say it is truly an amazing magazine! It’s filled to he brim with creative writing and what seems an endless amount of eye candy in the form of illustration and photography.

Inside you can find illustrations from the lovely Abby Wright, Gemma Milly (the front cover), Rachel Lewis, the list goes on! With lovely writing from Helen Martin herself and also a wonderful interview with Fritha Strickland.

Not only is the content 100% creative magazine gold but also the magazine is physically top-notch quality! None of that shiny paper your used to in your magazines but a lovely thick matte paper! It feels more like a book than a magazine because of the high quality involved at the printing stage.

This is seriously a magazine that every creative NEEDS in their life! You can buy it online right here! I suggest that you do, you won’t regret it.


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