When a House Becomes a Home…


I’ve been living in Gloucester for nearly 9 months now and it’s only just starting to feel like home. When we first moved we didn’t have very much furniture at all! All of Jacks room was set up within hours but other than that the flat was pretty much empty. No bed. No sofa. Though we did have a tv and a double mattress haha!

Over the months we’ve slowly bought bits and bobs for the flat and feels so much like ‘our home‘ now rather than just somewhere we sleep. Christmas and birthdays have been filled with presents to help fill the flat. People thought I was crazy for asking for a wardrobe for my birthday but hey, it’s what I wanted! Also out of my birthday money I bought a lovely This Morning stock pot and saucepan set! A lot of people don’t seem to understand this way of thinking. they all assume that there’s something I really want but I’m putting practical things first. Well this isn’t true there is nothing more that I would like than to make a lovely home for my family and I to enjoy. It also feels great to get one more thing ticked off my list and a great weight off my shoulders.

P.s. I also had some lovely books for my birthday! Which I was very happy to receive, especially the Alice in Wonderland book.. being dribbling over this bad boy for a while ;)!


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