A Year of Planning…


O.k. so my family & personal life are brilliant at the moment. I’m absolutely loving being a stay-at-home mum, I feel as though I’m finally a mum and I’m not just playing the part. Some people may find it strange that it’s taken me 2 years to realize this but being responsible for someone else is a HUGE thing to get your head around. *cough* Especially if you’re as slow as I am *cough*

As some of you may already know, Jack has just turned the lovely age of 2 and well soon he’ll be at school. This is where I become the cliche mum and say that it’s gone by WAY too fast! He’s gone from a baby to a little boy in what feels like a heartbeat. Anyway, once Jack has started school I will have a lot more time on my hands. With this in the back of my mind I know that I will have no more excuses in 2013 for not ‘having time’ to draw. That it really is make or break time for me as a freelancing artist. I really want this to work but wanting it isn’t enough, I need to go and get it rather than just day-dream about it!

So I have roughly 1 year until Jack starts full time education, and in that time I intend to research and plan for the year ahead. I’m going to write down notes and ideas and learn about the business side and hopefully have a little fun experimenting with my drawing techniques. I’ve said this all before and I’m getting deja vu but seriously if I can’t make a proper go at this with all of that time to prepare and draw then I never will. It’s not about becoming rich or famous, it’s about me helping to support my family in a way that I love. I feel a little trapped between the traditional and modern woman. The modern side of me wants to go to work and earn my keep as I hate not contributing to our family nest. Then the traditional side of me doesn’t want to miss one second of Jack growing up, you will never get that time back! So freelancing and working from home successfully is the ultimate goal here as I feel it’s the only middle ground. I know I need to get some motivation and some confidence in my work to really be able to give this my best shot because so far I’ve only tried in these little spurts of energy. I need a way to break through my laziness and my fear of starting a new drawing.

I will keep drawing in this year but mainly for pleasure to get my passion back for drawing (not dread). It’s also a great opportunity for me to get more creative and experimental as my work is very controlled.

Anyway, I feel like I’m rambling now and I was just wondering if there are any artists/creatives out there with any advice? I mean ANY advice on the business/motivation side of things would be great! Please send me your links to your blog posts on anything you think would be useful. I would really appreciate it, thank you.

P.s. sorry this is a very text based post, I promise I will post some pretty pictures soon.


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