More Planning…?


(Warning this post is quite personal and may get soppy)

As some of you may have seen via my facebook / twitter on Sunday 2th March 2012 my lovely boyfriend proposed to me (and I said yes!). It was so sweet and romantic that it has taken me a few days for it to really sink in what happened.

Sunday 25th March was our 3rd Anniversary of the day we started going out (officially) and so it was no surprise when Will suggested that we went for a stroll down Ogmore beach, the place where we had our first proper date. We were lucky enough to have some lovely sunny weather too. I started to get a bit suspicious when he told me to close my eyes as we drove around looking for a parking space (don’t panic – he was driving). I asked him why and he simply said ‘It’s a surprise’. Little did I know that he had gotten a few of his friends to write out “Kim, marry me?” out in the sand. Hence having my eyes closed along the drive close to the beach front. Once we had gotten out of the car he guided me to a spot where you could see the message in the sand and told me to open my eyes.

Here comes the part about me typically spoiling the romance as I couldn’t see the damn message. I have terrible eyesight and just happened to be wearing sunglasses rather than my prescribed glasses. After a minute of awkward squinting I finally realized what was going on and I turned around to find Will down on one knee holding an absolutely stunning engagement ring. Somehow I managed to squeak out a ‘Yes!’. How I don’t know as I was simply stunned, it was literally like something you see in a film.

He then suggested that we went to the pub for a few celebratory drinks. Then to my surprise as I walked into the pub there was a table full of most of my closest friends with balloons, banners and champagne! It really was the most perfect day.

I would like to take this chance to once again thank all of our friends that were involved it really does mean so much to both of us. Plus I would to thank Will for being so sweet and never failing to sweep me off my feet.

So now added to the planning a functioning work-at-home business and buying our first-time home we also have to plan a wedding! Eeeek! Exciting times ahead!


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