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As I’ve said before, naturally I’m quite a negative person. I don’t mean that I’m a horrible person. I mean that I prepare for the worst. I’m a worrier, a what-if-this-happened kind of gal. Recently I’ve been trying to change this as it’s not a healthy way to live and I don’t want Jack to grow up the same way. So I’ve been quite literally forcing myself to think positively about things and well so far it’s been working. It feels like a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

One of the things that I had noticed about my worrying days was that I would always worry/panic over things when I wasn’t busy, when I was just sitting still. The T.V. may have been on but in my head I’m just pondering away about all the stupid little things that could go wrong in life. So I’ve been keeping myself busy (which is quite easy with a toddler), mainly with little daily tasks and cleaning. I seem to have morphed into some kind of Monica from Friends as I am cleaning all the time and actually enjoying it. I’ve never felt better, I don’t have time to dwell or worry about anything because as soon as I stop my tasks I am quite literally asleep. Also there’s a lovely sense of accomplishment looking at the lovely and clean flat (that is until Jack destroys it again hehe).

Not only has it helped me mentally but it has helped me physically too. Anyone that knows me personally, will know that I have always struggled to put on weight. (Don’t start with the ‘she’s so lucky’ comments – let’s not go there today!) My whole life I have always been borderline underweight. It’s not a choice, it’s just the way I am. Since I have been thinking more positively, I have had a much bigger appetite and have even started to fill out a bit!

So basically what I’m trying to get across here is the way you think really does affect the way you feel mentally and physically. This may be common knowledge to most but to me this is all shiny and new. Personally after being on either side, the positive outlook is a much better place to be.

I am hoping that this new outlook will help inspire & motivate me to draw as a lot of the ‘fear’ of starting a new drawing comes from worrying on whether it will look right and whether people will like it. Anyone else got any tips as a form of free therapy? Or is it just me that likes being a clean freak?


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  1. I found that writing down all your worries and whatnot in a diary or something helps a lot, not something you have to do everyday, only when you’re feeling pretty negative. Reading it all back too makes you realise that a lot of it is a bit silly too.

    Also not free as such but not very costly either, there are plenty of self help books out there that put things in perspective and a lot if it is so obvious when you’ve read and thought about it. They’ve helped me a lot, obviously you’d have to find the book with the topic that suits you.

    I would try not to worry about what people think of your drawings, I had this problem too but I think when it comes to your own work, it’s actually a lot better than you think it is, you only see imperfections because you drew it. I have a friend who is an amazing artist and he’s been featured on websites, offered jobs, but he’s so negative about his work because he can see things in it nobody else can.

    Don’t know if I’ve gone off the point a bit but hope this helps Kim.


    • Thanks Chris, I think everyone is their own worst critic in a way, just need to overcome that somehow. Thanks for your comment it’s really nice to hear that I’m not the only one that worries about the little things that really are just stupid at the end of the day.

      Great advice about the diary too, I’ve tried this before and it just doesn’t work for me, I think it’s partly because I feel self conscious about if someone found it haha, stupid I know. I can totally understand how it works for some people though.

      • Oh I can be a huge worrier, but a lot of it does turn out to be really stupid. As for the diary thing, I actually had a similar thought about someone reading it, so I just have a password locked one on my phone, I don’t mind if I lose all the data at some point, it’s just something to write on.

        Exercise is another good anti-negative thing to do, not only does it take your mind of things but it has all that natural positive chemical release, you feel a hell of a lot better afterwards.

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