Work At Home Mama featuring… Maggy At Red Ted Art


So before we get started, why not introduce yourself and your business…
I am Maggy from Red Ted Art – a craft blog for all the family to enjoy! I mainly get crafty with my two little ones, but I also bring regular how tos and tutorials for teens and adults!

So what came first, working from home or becoming a mama?
First came being a mama! Then came the decision to stay at home.. and then I “needed” something to occupy me other than “just” children (as adorable as they are). I started selling artwork for children’s nurseries, but needed and online presence. Along came “Red Ted Art”… which quickly became a crafty blog and so much more. I now only blog and don’t sell the artwork anymore.

Other than an extra mouth to feed what were your reasons for being your own boss?
I can manage my own time around my children. I can do what I love doing (crafts), it is an activity to do with the kids. And I can do what I want, when I want. 100% flexible!

Did you vigorously plan it before taking the plunge? Or did you just dip your toes in first to test the waters?
Absolutely not. If anything I “fell into” it all. My brother always told me I should make “money from crafts”.. I just laughed “I would I do that?”. Well.. Red Ted Art is your answer.

What do you think is the hardest obstacle when starting off on your own?
Keeping motivating. Seeing that there is a point to all you are doing.

Was there anything that you found surprisingly easy about the whole thing?
Balancing the children and my “work”. And how much I am enjoying it!

Do you have a strict schedule that you stick to or do you just fit it in around daily life?
Not really, but I do do, 30min or of “networking” first thing in the morning, the again at lunchtime and the evening.

What does your workspace look like? Is it a dedicated part of the house or is it a versatile kitchen table?
Ahem. Very messy. I currently work at the kitchen table. This allows me to dip in and out of what I do, as well as keep an eye on the children!

What advice would you give someone thinking about following in your footsteps?
Find something that you enjoy doing, that you are passionate about and I think in many ways the rest will follow! But don’t forget, you can’t just have a great “product/ idea”, there is a lot networking, sales and marketing needed too!

Thank you so much for your time and advice and I wish you all the luck in the future.

You can find out more about Maggy by reading her wonderful blog here.


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