Work At Home Mama featuring… Diana At Peggys Collection


So before we get started, why not introduce yourself and your business…
My name is Diana and I own Peggys Collection, which is the name of my late grandmother who taught me how to knit and make things. I sell all vintage inspired knitwear and other designs. I have built my business up over the last couple of years and won #SBS in 2010 from Theo Paphitis from dragons den. I have also recently been included in the designers show at Norwich Fashion Week too.

So what came first, working from home or becoming a mama?
Being a mum was the first thing, I worked before then but always more in the law side in solicitors so this was a total change of career for me.

Other than an extra mouth to feed what were your reasons for being your own boss?
The main reason was the flexibility, I can still attend the sports days and be there when the kids come home rather than if I had a full-time job.

Did you vigorously plan it before taking the plunge? Or did you just dip your toes in first to test the waters?
I started selling on folksy just to see if anyone would buy my creations and when they did I realised that this was what I should do full-time.

What do you think is the hardest obstacle when starting off on your own?
I started off with no funding so that was very hard and it is important remember that you do the accounts marketing everything including the actually production of the stock.

Was there anything that you found surprisingly easy about the whole thing?
I found the social media side very easy for me and that is my main and best marketing tool at the moment.

Do you have a strict schedule that you stick to or do you just fit it in around daily life?
I fit it in around daily life because things always crop up, such as a child off school sick or an extra phone call or email.  I do love lists though and I try to follow one as much as I possibly can.

What does your workspace look like? Is it a dedicated part of the house or is it a versatile kitchen table?

Because a lot of my work is knitting and making things I can be very versatile where I work.  Sewing side and laptop work and email answering etc is usually in the dining room.

What advice would you give someone thinking about following in your footsteps?
Get as much information as possible first so you are prepared! Remember too that when you do run your own business as much as it is a blessing as in the flexibility side of things you do not usually switch off much from it either.  As there is always something to be done and you don’t clock off at a certain time, well I don’t!  Leading up to my fashion shows I was working up until midnight most nights to get it all done as well as looking after the children and the house.  But I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Thank you so much for your time and advice and I wish you all the luck in the future.

You can find out more about Diana by reading her wonderful blog here.

Also please note that the brilliant photograph used is copyright and is the property of DcTaylor Photography which you can see here.


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