Mixing Business With Pleasure…


Over the past few months I have been ‘umming and ahhing’ about whether I should create a separate blog. A blog for my personal life, the life of being a mother, a dreadful cook and pretty much just day-to-day rants and inspirations. I don’t want to make “The Sketchbook Artist” a blog full of confused context.

For instance, whenever I get new followers, I always wonder what interests them about my blog? Is it the arty updates? The struggles of freelancing? or perhaps even my Work At Home Mama’s posts? Then I realised… The Sketchbook Artist Blog was supposed to be a behind the scenes kind of thing. Basically, about me?! (Now if that doesn’t sound vein, what does?)

I am all of these things, an artist, a mother, a freelancer and so many more. I bet so are my followers. Sometimes its hard to think of followers as ‘real people’ rather than a stat.

So basically after having this chat with myself.. (I really should get out more), I’ve decided to keep The Sketchbook Artist as it is, a bit of everything, for everyone.

Anyone else struggle with this kind of thing?


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  1. That is always an ongoing struggle with my blog đŸ™‚ I find as long as you stick with who you are and what you want to write about you get the followers that are truly interested in you and everything you write about, not just certain pieces.

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