30 Things Before I’m 30


1. Buy our own home.

2. Get married to Will šŸ™‚

3. Have my artwork published in a physical magazine.

4. Create a series of originals for exhibition.

5. Earn enough money as an artist to be able to support myself and help towards the bills. Independence!

6. Have baby #2

7. Take a course on business & I.T.

8. Be comfortable in my own skin.

9. Travel to Italy – just for the food!

10. Style my own home, using handmade cushion covers, blankets and what-not.

11. Learn to knit (following a pattern)

12. Learn to sew & make my own clothes.

13. Grow my nails and keep them that way!

14. Have my own studio/craft room.

15. Grow my own strawberries & peppers.

16. Create artwork for my own home.

17. Teach Jack to read.

18. Illustrate my own children’s book.

19. Get a celebrity to use my portrait on twitter.

20. Do a craft show.

21. Learn to draw cartoons.

22. Do a watercolour course.

23. Control/handle my IBS better… WITHOUT pills, just diet!

24. Teach Jack basic Welsh.

25. Take Jack to Disneyland Paris.

26. Learn to cook lasagne (well)

27. Go see the Eiffel tower.

28. Go to Philadelphia with Will.

29. Create artwork for a well-known company.



I would just like to point out that this post was inspired by The Underestimated Mom and her lovely blog, you should check it out! šŸ˜‰


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