Losing Our Welshness..


As some of you may or may not know, I am Welsh. I’m very proud to be Welsh but since moving to Gloucester I can slowly feel my accent changing. I’m quite easily ‘molded’ by the people around me when it comes to accents and it kills me to be losing my Welshness!

Unfortunately the one it’s affecting the most is little Jack, being only 1-year-old when we moved he has learnt most of his words and phrases in Gloucester.. and so the result is… a Gloucester accent. Every now and then he sounds Welsh but 80% of the time it sounds pretty English to me. This may seem odd to some people, what difference does it make? It’s just strange to think that my own son has a different accent to me?! Also it feels so bizarre that he will not learn even the basic Welsh at school, that seemed like a bit of a pain when I was younger but now that it’s not there I feel as though we are helping to ‘kill off’ the Welsh language.

I have some picture books in Welsh for Jack, thanks to my lovely friend Anwen but Jack just doesn’t understand the concept of other languages. I point to the pig and I ask him to repeat ‘Mochyn’ and he just looks at me stupid and says ” No mum, it’s a pig!?” And yes at the moment “Mam” seems to have been replaced by mum or mom :(!

I feel as though the only way to fix this is to be around more Welsh people but the ever-raising prices on train tickets is making this nearly impossible. Hmm, perhaps it’s time to start skyping?


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