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So, I spend quite a lot of time on twitter (@SketchbookArt) as some have you may have noticed. Every now and then I come across giveaways via blogs promoted on twitter. I enter quite a lot of these giveaways with the mindset of “you’ve got to be in it to win it“. It’s quite bizarre because “in real life” I am not the luckiest of people, I never win anything, I fall over a lot and generally have quite bad luck. Somehow, online I seem to be the opposite, as I have won quite a few giveaways over the past 2 years just through twitter! I have won a variety of artist’s prints, a neckerchief, badges of my own design, a make up bag and most recently a Puff Baby Overall for Jack from the lovely online shop LatteMama.

Latte Mama

Puff Baby Overall

I came across this giveaway via Charlotte’s very honest parenting blog “I’m Only Saying What You’re Thinking“. I am an avid reader of Charlotte’s blog, I love how she talks about the cold hard truth behind parenting. Yes, we all love to look at these parenting blogs that have ‘perfect families’ and it wouldn’t surprise me if at Christmas time they all sing carols around a grand piano but with Charlotte’s blog she just says things as they are. Parenting is HARD. It’s even harder when children are ill, it’s not all baking and reading stories. There are times when you want to pull your hair out and have time to yourself. Don’t get me wrong she talks about the good times too and how looking after a little one is well-worth it even after all of these things. I think I love this blog purely because I can relate 100% to what she is posting, every time.

Anyway, as the cold weather has really hit Gloucester recently and this first few specs of snow have started to fall, I got to try out the overall. I must say overall I was seriously impressed! It was -4  and it was snowing lightly, we had just missed the bus so had to stand out in the snow for 20 minutes waiting for the next one. I was absolutely frozen to the core, with my 4 layers of clothing on! So I was a little concerned about how little Jack was doing. He was not cold AT ALL!? He was even a bit toasty. When we got to where we were heading and it was time for him to take it off, he was lovely and warm. I’m also impressed with the durability, as Jack fell over on to the concrete path (just on one knee) and I thought well that lasted long, first time to wear the snow-suit and he’s scuffed/ripped the knees. Then when I had a look there wasn’t even a mark where he had fallen! Which is brilliant when you have a clumsy little boy. Overall I would give 9/10!


*Please note I was not paid to promote this product, I won the product from a giveaway.


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