And a Happy New Year…


This post may be a little later than expected as we stayed with family in Wales for longer than planned but you get the idea.


Another year has passed and 2013 has finally arrived. Well I say finally when it seems 2012 has flown by. This is a time for reflection of the previous year and planning for the one that lay ahead.

So what’s happened in 2012?

  • I moved to a lovely 2 bedroom house, in a family friendly area.
  • I’ve made some great new friends.
  • I’ve got engaged in the most romantic way to my best friend (soppy I know).
  • I’ve done my first pet portrait.
  • I’ve sold my first item on Etsy. (WOOH!)
  • I’ve also sold a few items via society6.
  • Finally I’ve learnt quite a bit of the business side of things for TSA (mainly book-keeping) via self-help books.

So overall a pretty good year! As per usual I haven’t achieved all of the goals I had set at the beginning of 2012 but I am very happy with the amount that I can tick off my list.

With that in mind, what are my goals for 2013?

For TSA:

  • I will get my work physically published!
  • I will finish my red lips series.
  • I will draw more often even just for fun, also forcing myself to draw when I’m “not in the mood” to draw.
  • I will create more ‘products’
  • Most of all I will work DAMN hard!

For Me:

  • Do yoga weekly.
  • Eat less chocolate and more fruit and veg.
  • Get a big canvas of our family portrait.
  • Create a photo wall for the house.
  • Start saving for the wedding.
  • Stop biting my nails (re-occurring offender!)

What kind of goals have you set for yourself this year?


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