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Wall Clocks… Thank you Society6!


I am loving the new wall clocks over at Society6! You can choose the colour of the frame and of the hands and they don’t even have to match. Check them out!



New to society6!


It’s been a while since I’ve done anything related to The Sketchbook Artist, I’ve been keeping up my other blog (Mam, I Am), working part-time in a shop as well as moving into and decorating our new house. The last few months have just flown by and now Christmas is just around the corner! Eeek! Anyway, whilst I’ve been away the wonderful people at Society6 have been busy creating some new products such as tank tops, full cover tote bags and now mugs!! Check it out.

Thank you, Society6 Sales…


One thing I find frustrating with Society6 is that there is no way to find out who your customers are. Every time I get a sale be it via Etsy, Society6 or a commission via my blog or website I always like to thank the customer personally as I am honored that they have chosen my artwork. So here is a big thank you to my most recent Society6 sales, whoever you may be.

*Please note that society6 have just released their new throw pillows! Check out my range here.

Thank you!


I would just like to take a minute to thank people for their interest in my society6 shop. It’s such a great feeling to log on and find another item has sold! So far the most popular items are Kate Moss Red Lips Prints and Eric Cantona t-shirts. I have also sold various others including the Patriotic Kate Moss on a stretched canvas.