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Its time for a sale!


So, moving house is a hassle. So much stuff to pack and move so I figured what the heck, let’s put it all on sale! Less stuff to move, also a lot less likely they’ll get damaged!

So here it is, all of my original drawings for sale at just £10 each! Have a browse:


Life Taking Over…


So it’s been pretty quiet around here recently *tumble weed slowly drifts on by*. My personal life has pretty much taken hold of the driver’s seat for the past few months as a lot has been going on. First off we are in the process of buying a house! Eek, exciting times but a lot of paperwork and running around. On top of that we have been trying to spend time as a family so there’s been a lot of travelling back and forth between England and Wales.

I have done some work in this period though, as I was commissioned to create an A1 sized cat portrait. It was a bit different to what I usually do as it was in colour and in soft pastels! I loved the challenge and it was great fun working in a different medium. So here it is. The final piece. I was very happy to find that the customer was very happy with the portrait which is what I aim to achieve, customer satisfaction!

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant Hapus (Happy Saint Davids Day!)


Well it’s the start of a new month, can’t believe we already have 2 months behind us this year! To all my Welsh friends Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant hapus! It’s the day of the Welsh saint David and I can imagine many children back home being dressed head to toe in their Welsh costumes!

So, I think 1st March is a good date to start reflecting on how my “New Year Resolutions” have been going… well I’m going to be completely honest…. they haven’t! I’m pretty sure I’ve already broken every single one! But… a new month, a new start…. I must keep trying, right?! Otherwise what’s the point..?

Buzz lightyear!

So far 2013 hasn’t been too shabby! I’ve watched my little toddler turn into a 3-year-old boy! I’ve seen my niece turn to the lovely age of 1 and was very happy to see her first steps, at her birthday party! (Great timing or what?!) We now own a car so life’s been a little easier for getting around but it’s also been rather expensive… damn you petrol prices. I’ve also been arranging seeing friends a bit more and have already had one of my best friends stay up for a few days and have arranged for another to come over in a few weeks! So happy times ahead too! I really do miss all of my friends from back home and I get ridiculously home sick every now and then, even though I’ve made some great life-long friends in Gloucester, nothing beats a good catch up with your besties from school! So as you can see my social/personal life has been doing rather well so far this year, which makes me a happy girl.

Work wise though I have been slacking, I’m still struggling to find the happy balance of work/family/me time, which I think is a normal battle for the freelancers out there but I am definitely not anywhere near fixing that problem. I planned to draw at least once a week which even that I didn’t commit to! I have been working on bits and bobs but nothing major mainly experimentation to get the juices flowing. I have made a submission for Ballad Of… Magazine but I don’t want to show that until I get a response. It’s not my usual style so I don’t really feel comfortable/confident about it. I am happy to announce that I have now had 3 sales in my Etsy store!! Wooh! Which may seem a ridiculous thing to celebrate about but seeing as I only had 1 sale last year and I’ve had double that this year already, the only way is up, right?!

Well that’s my ramblings for today, thanks for listening.

Sold my first Throw Pillow! :)


Thank you to whoever bought the Kate Moss Red Lips throw pillow! One downfall to Society6 is that I don’t actually get to know ANYTHING about the customers, quite frustrating! Would love to see pics of my products in their new homes.

Also new to the shop is “Dripping with British Pride”,  I’m liking the throw cushion and tote bag in-particular.

Testing Out the Camera…


Even though I consider myself a creative and tend to take to most ‘creative’ subjects with ease one of my weakest points I think is photography. I have always been the finger-in-the-picture , heads-chopped-off photographer. I don’t know why but it just doesn’t come naturally. A while back I asked for quite a good camera as a birthday present so that the camera can do the work for me. Obviously I had to work on not chopping heads off myself but a better camera does make it easier to take a nicer photograph. It’s probably a big no-no by all the photographers out there but I love the preset filters on my camera! They make life so much easier for people like me.

So with all the lovely snow, I took the camera out for a little practice :).

Unfortunately some of my favourite photographs that I took show some street signs which I don’t particularly want to be posted on the blog. Overall though, I’m pretty happy with these photos :).

Any tips from all you wonderful photographers out there?