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What I’ve Been Working On…




What I’ve Been Working On..


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Here’s a little sneaky peak at what I’ve been working on recently.  Seeing as I have more time to myself now I have been trying to draw more often. What better way to do this than to create some images for the wonderful Amelia’s Magazine? Also working on my personal goals of using more colour in my work. For now I’m playing it safe and sticking to the good, old, trusty pencils!

P.s. Just another reminder that I’m still currently having a HALF PRICE SALE over at my Etsy shop! Take a look here.

Introducing… Mam, I Am.


So a few weeks ago I posted about struggling with the decision on keeping The Sketchbook Artist as a behind the scenes of my life or making it strictly business. Back then I decided that I could continue posting about work/family perfectly fine together (which you can read here) but I have noticed recently that I haven’t been posting about them equally and this blog was becoming more of a family life blog than a behind the scenes of TSA.

So I introduce to you, my new blog, Mam, I Am.

Please note that I will be transferring all of my Project 52 posts and soon my Work-At-Home-Mama posts. So from now on The Sketchbook Artist’s Blog will be strictly business!

30 Things Before I’m 30


1. Buy our own home.

2. Get married to Will 🙂

3. Have my artwork published in a physical magazine.

4. Create a series of originals for exhibition.

5. Earn enough money as an artist to be able to support myself and help towards the bills. Independence!

6. Have baby #2

7. Take a course on business & I.T.

8. Be comfortable in my own skin.

9. Travel to Italy – just for the food!

10. Style my own home, using handmade cushion covers, blankets and what-not.

11. Learn to knit (following a pattern)

12. Learn to sew & make my own clothes.

13. Grow my nails and keep them that way!

14. Have my own studio/craft room.

15. Grow my own strawberries & peppers.

16. Create artwork for my own home.

17. Teach Jack to read.

18. Illustrate my own children’s book.

19. Get a celebrity to use my portrait on twitter.

20. Do a craft show.

21. Learn to draw cartoons.

22. Do a watercolour course.

23. Control/handle my IBS better… WITHOUT pills, just diet!

24. Teach Jack basic Welsh.

25. Take Jack to Disneyland Paris.

26. Learn to cook lasagne (well)

27. Go see the Eiffel tower.

28. Go to Philadelphia with Will.

29. Create artwork for a well-known company.



I would just like to point out that this post was inspired by The Underestimated Mom and her lovely blog, you should check it out! 😉

Mixing Business With Pleasure…


Over the past few months I have been ‘umming and ahhing’ about whether I should create a separate blog. A blog for my personal life, the life of being a mother, a dreadful cook and pretty much just day-to-day rants and inspirations. I don’t want to make “The Sketchbook Artist” a blog full of confused context.

For instance, whenever I get new followers, I always wonder what interests them about my blog? Is it the arty updates? The struggles of freelancing? or perhaps even my Work At Home Mama’s posts? Then I realised… The Sketchbook Artist Blog was supposed to be a behind the scenes kind of thing. Basically, about me?! (Now if that doesn’t sound vein, what does?)

I am all of these things, an artist, a mother, a freelancer and so many more. I bet so are my followers. Sometimes its hard to think of followers as ‘real people’ rather than a stat.

So basically after having this chat with myself.. (I really should get out more), I’ve decided to keep The Sketchbook Artist as it is, a bit of everything, for everyone.

Anyone else struggle with this kind of thing?

Getting There Slowly…


So it’s been a colourful few weeks with the whole redesign of The Sketchbook Artist. I’m loving the new colour scheme! Much more bright and cheerful. I’m currently working on some packaging ideas to finish off the branding as well as some matching business cards.

It’s surprising how many online profiles I have for The Sketchbook Artist and how many I had to redesign BUT I think I have finally updated them all. If you see any that I haven’t please just give me a little nudge.

As well as finishing off the branding side of things I’m also working on a few commissions involving some animal portraits, so watch this space! Really loving the challenge of drawing animals as people are my main subject to draw.


I also have a few unfinished personal projects to get on with so really I should shift my bum and get on with them.

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