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The Time Is Near…


So as you may remember from some of my previous posts. This year Jack turns 3!

Which means… he’s going to be starting preschool. This is a wonderful but scary prospect for us both (okay it may be scarier for me). Since we have moved to Gloucester, we haven’t had the same support system (family close-by) , there fore for the past 18 months it has been myself and Jack almost every single day. First the thought of Jack at school delighted me, I am desperate for some ‘me’ time and Jack is just as desperate to interact with other children. That time is nearly upon us as he will be starting in March and the closer that date gets the more anxious I feel about it. I feel ridiculous admitting that I fear it may be me crying at the school gate and not Jack. He’ll be there not wanting to leave and I will be in the house twiddling my thumbs. Well only time will tell, hopefully it won’t be that bad. Anyone else feel/felt this way? Would love to hear how you coped.