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Wall Clocks… Thank you Society6!


I am loving the new wall clocks over at Society6! You can choose the colour of the frame and of the hands and they don’t even have to match. Check them out!



Life Taking Over…


So it’s been pretty quiet around here recently *tumble weed slowly drifts on by*. My personal life has pretty much taken hold of the driver’s seat for the past few months as a lot has been going on. First off we are in the process of buying a house! Eek, exciting times but a lot of paperwork and running around. On top of that we have been trying to spend time as a family so there’s been a lot of travelling back and forth between England and Wales.

I have done some work in this period though, as I was commissioned to create an A1 sized cat portrait. It was a bit different to what I usually do as it was in colour and in soft pastels! I loved the challenge and it was great fun working in a different medium. So here it is. The final piece. I was very happy to find that the customer was very happy with the portrait which is what I aim to achieve, customer satisfaction!

What I’ve Been Working On..


Ever Reve prev

Here’s a little sneaky peak at what I’ve been working on recently.  Seeing as I have more time to myself now I have been trying to draw more often. What better way to do this than to create some images for the wonderful Amelia’s Magazine? Also working on my personal goals of using more colour in my work. For now I’m playing it safe and sticking to the good, old, trusty pencils!

P.s. Just another reminder that I’m still currently having a HALF PRICE SALE over at my Etsy shop! Take a look here.

And a Happy New Year…


This post may be a little later than expected as we stayed with family in Wales for longer than planned but you get the idea.


Another year has passed and 2013 has finally arrived. Well I say finally when it seems 2012 has flown by. This is a time for reflection of the previous year and planning for the one that lay ahead.

So what’s happened in 2012?

  • I moved to a lovely 2 bedroom house, in a family friendly area.
  • I’ve made some great new friends.
  • I’ve got engaged in the most romantic way to my best friend (soppy I know).
  • I’ve done my first pet portrait.
  • I’ve sold my first item on Etsy. (WOOH!)
  • I’ve also sold a few items via society6.
  • Finally I’ve learnt quite a bit of the business side of things for TSA (mainly book-keeping) via self-help books.

So overall a pretty good year! As per usual I haven’t achieved all of the goals I had set at the beginning of 2012 but I am very happy with the amount that I can tick off my list.

With that in mind, what are my goals for 2013?

For TSA:

  • I will get my work physically published!
  • I will finish my red lips series.
  • I will draw more often even just for fun, also forcing myself to draw when I’m “not in the mood” to draw.
  • I will create more ‘products’
  • Most of all I will work DAMN hard!

For Me:

  • Do yoga weekly.
  • Eat less chocolate and more fruit and veg.
  • Get a big canvas of our family portrait.
  • Create a photo wall for the house.
  • Start saving for the wedding.
  • Stop biting my nails (re-occurring offender!)

What kind of goals have you set for yourself this year?

Mixing Business With Pleasure…


Over the past few months I have been ‘umming and ahhing’ about whether I should create a separate blog. A blog for my personal life, the life of being a mother, a dreadful cook and pretty much just day-to-day rants and inspirations. I don’t want to make “The Sketchbook Artist” a blog full of confused context.

For instance, whenever I get new followers, I always wonder what interests them about my blog? Is it the arty updates? The struggles of freelancing? or perhaps even my Work At Home Mama’s posts? Then I realised… The Sketchbook Artist Blog was supposed to be a behind the scenes kind of thing. Basically, about me?! (Now if that doesn’t sound vein, what does?)

I am all of these things, an artist, a mother, a freelancer and so many more. I bet so are my followers. Sometimes its hard to think of followers as ‘real people’ rather than a stat.

So basically after having this chat with myself.. (I really should get out more), I’ve decided to keep The Sketchbook Artist as it is, a bit of everything, for everyone.

Anyone else struggle with this kind of thing?