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New to society6!


It’s been a while since I’ve done anything related to The Sketchbook Artist, I’ve been keeping up my other blog (Mam, I Am), working part-time in a shop as well as moving into and decorating our new house. The last few months have just flown by and now Christmas is just around the corner! Eeek! Anyway, whilst I’ve been away the wonderful people at Society6 have been busy creating some new products such as tank tops, full cover tote bags and now mugs!! Check it out.


Mixing Business With Pleasure…


Over the past few months I have been ‘umming and ahhing’ about whether I should create a separate blog. A blog for my personal life, the life of being a mother, a dreadful cook and pretty much just day-to-day rants and inspirations. I don’t want to make “The Sketchbook Artist” a blog full of confused context.

For instance, whenever I get new followers, I always wonder what interests them about my blog? Is it the arty updates? The struggles of freelancing? or perhaps even my Work At Home Mama’s posts? Then I realised… The Sketchbook Artist Blog was supposed to be a behind the scenes kind of thing. Basically, about me?! (Now if that doesn’t sound vein, what does?)

I am all of these things, an artist, a mother, a freelancer and so many more. I bet so are my followers. Sometimes its hard to think of followers as ‘real people’ rather than a stat.

So basically after having this chat with myself.. (I really should get out more), I’ve decided to keep The Sketchbook Artist as it is, a bit of everything, for everyone.

Anyone else struggle with this kind of thing?

And So It’s Began…


After my ‘Year of Planning‘ post I decided to head to my local library and take out some books to learn about the business half of freelancing. I came across this;

The Business Side of Creativity: The Complete Guide to Running a Small Graphic Design or Communications Business

I’m 160 pages in and so far I’ve found it pretty useful with valuable information regarding pricing and preparing for the start-up of the business. The only downside I have found to this book so far is that is the information on the taxes is all based on the US rather than the UK. A lot of it is common sense but it’s nice to see it written down so that nothing gets forgotten.

It feels so strange to be reading an educational book rather than a novel, it feels like I’m back at school and me being the nerd that I am; love it!

I also picked up a book from the Sunday Times Business Enterprise Series; Starting a Business From Home; Choosing a Business, Getting Online, Reaching Your Market and Making a Profit. This will be my next read as I think it’s important to have a broad understanding of the subject. As well as books, friends on twitter recommended a few websites for me to look at. One that I’ve found most interesting/helpful is http://www.businesslink.gov.uk, if you are researching starting a business I suggest you go there now! Though being a bookworm personally I prefer reading the books rather than clicking the links.

If anyone has ANY suggestions on books/websites I should look at please leave a comment. I will greatly appreciate any help/advice.