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Society6 Sales, thank you!


Society6 Sales, thank you!


My First Etsy Sale…. !


Wooh, it’s finally happened, my first Etsy sale! This may sound ridiculous but I’ve had sales via twitter/facebook/e-mail & society6 but never via Etsy. So I was very happy to wake up yesterday morning to an e-mail confirming a sale! It was interesting to see that my first sale was an Eric Cantona print, considering it’s the ONLY sports related piece in my shop. So I was thinking of doing a few more sports portraits. What sports related portrait would you like to see next? Would love to hear people’s suggestions as my family are mainly Man United fans I could see a slight bias in their suggestions ;).

P.s. I would like to take this opportunity to my first Etsy customer as you really have made me a very happy bunny indeed!

Thank you!


I would just like to take a minute to thank people for their interest in my society6 shop. It’s such a great feeling to log on and find another item has sold! So far the most popular items are Kate Moss Red Lips Prints and Eric Cantona t-shirts. I have also sold various others including the Patriotic Kate Moss on a stretched canvas.