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New to the Shop…


Eric Cantona Magnet

Iron Man Magnet


Half Price Sale!


Just thought I would let everyone know that for the rest of the month I have put all of my Original drawings in my Etsy shop at half price! Get a signed original from myself for as little as £10!



The beginning of The Sketchbook Artist…


I have just updated the ‘About’ section in my Etsy shop and sooo I thought I would share the story here too..
(P.s. I would love to hear about how other freelancers started out and the reasons behind it – Link me up?!)

The Beginning of The Sketchbook Artist

Kim Jenkins, the doodler, the maker, the artist has been around since 1989 but ‘The Sketchbook Artist’ has only existed from 2010. It’s been a slow road mainly due to juggling family/work life but its at a pace that I can cope with. I decided to start freelancing as an artist because I was starting my own little family and I wanted to be able to contribute to our income and still be a stay-at-home mother. That is very important to me to be able to watch my son grow up but still be able to provide. Drawing portraits seemed like the perfect solution as I could do it by myself at home. I have been drawing since I can remember, even as a child I would sit and draw for hours on end. I then continued my passion for art and drawing through to school and University. People have always been a favourite subject of mine when it comes to drawing even more so when I did weekly life drawing classes. Mainly because of the magical feeling of acheivement when you capture a persons personality in a portrait.

This honestly feels like the best job in the world when a customer is happy with their portrait. Nothing beats it.