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What I’ve Been Working On…




Life Taking Over…


So it’s been pretty quiet around here recently *tumble weed slowly drifts on by*. My personal life has pretty much taken hold of the driver’s seat for the past few months as a lot has been going on. First off we are in the process of buying a house! Eek, exciting times but a lot of paperwork and running around. On top of that we have been trying to spend time as a family so there’s been a lot of travelling back and forth between England and Wales.

I have done some work in this period though, as I was commissioned to create an A1 sized cat portrait. It was a bit different to what I usually do as it was in colour and in soft pastels! I loved the challenge and it was great fun working in a different medium. So here it is. The final piece. I was very happy to find that the customer was very happy with the portrait which is what I aim to achieve, customer satisfaction!

Thank you, Society6 Sales…


One thing I find frustrating with Society6 is that there is no way to find out who your customers are. Every time I get a sale be it via Etsy, Society6 or a commission via my blog or website I always like to thank the customer personally as I am honored that they have chosen my artwork. So here is a big thank you to my most recent Society6 sales, whoever you may be.

*Please note that society6 have just released their new throw pillows! Check out my range here.

Some Late Night Drawing…


So, the other night I decided to do some late night drawing, I looked through my collection of people I would like to draw and randomly selected this one. I really enjoyed drawing Jennifer Aniston especially this picture. I think it captures her personality really well as she’s an easy-going, fun-loving kind of gal (well that’s what the magazines make out anyway).

I found this challenging to draw because of the different facial expression, usually my portraits the people are either quite stoic or smiling. It felt great to push my boundaries a little and find that it works.

This portrait is available in my Society6 shop and also at my Etsy store. Please feel free to check it out ;).

A Busy Bee…


Well it’s one week into 2012 and so far my resolutions/goals are going strong! At first I was a bit daunted as to where to begin all of these ideas, projects, hobbies… So after talking to a friend of mine we decided that first I should finish all the unfinished projects of 2011! Finish the old to start the new.

So this weekend has all been about getting through my part of a collaboration with Rosanna Geissler, we’d agreed on a theme and what we were going to do months ago but both leading busy lives the project I must admit just stopped. So I had 6 illustrations I wanted to create to send off to Rosanna to do her thing. This weekend I managed to complete 4 / 6! Which I am pretty impressed with as I’m a slow worker. Here’s a look at what I’ve done so far…





If I’m completely honest, I love the outcome (and if you know me at all, you will know I don’t usually like my work). It’s been really fun to do something a bit different. I have always admired fashion illustration and I think this is a step in the right direction. Just another 2 more to go and my half of the collaboration is complete. I’m looking forward to seeing the final piece!











P.s. On another note.. I have taken the first step on another of my New Years Resolutions – and I have bought a quilting magazine! I know you could learn off the internet for free but maybe if I pay for the magazine it will be more incentive for me to do it, so I haven’t wasted my money. It’s one of those ‘Make a Piece ever week’ kind of magazines, so I will let you know how that turns out!